Energy Saving

We are registered with Rointe as Professional Installers and can offer advice and installation for all kinds of energy saving electrical heating systems.

We have already carried out a whole house (bungalow actually) installation, the customer has just had his winter quarter electricity bill and was pleasantly surprised. The system is just about to be installed in our local village hall, replacing conventional storage heaters , the Rointe System is much more flexible in this environment, with complete control, throughout the day – heat when you need it and very efficiently.

Whether you are a homeowner, commercial customer or a landlord you will be interested to find out how you can save energy on lighting, heating and by using various control systems in your property. We can advise on energy saving and install energy saving equipment to help you cut  your energy costs.

There have been huge strides in the LED lighting market for both the commercial and domestic markets, where LED (Light Emitting Diode) is not quite up to the mark, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and T5 lamps come into their own. More efficient than their fore-bears the new generation of fluorescent lamps, fittings and control gear can achieve energy saving of 35% compared to older T8 & T12 fittings (T5, T8 & T12 are the tube diameters in 1/8 inches i.e T8 is eight 8th’s = one inch)

Please contact us to see how we can cut your lighting (all year round) and heating costs.

March 2016

LED lighting prices seem to have settled in the domestic market, after tumbling down in price over the last few years with increased competition from new players in the market.

Its a good time to get a competitive quote, to update your household, commercial lighting and save money on energy costs. We have recently completed an installation for one of our valued customers in employ over 100 people in their offices near Norwich. The installation was for over 90 flat panel fittings – replacing the existing drop in fluorescent units (600 x 600mm) Over the next year the client will save around £3000 in their electricity and maintenance costs, not to mention they have also negated the need to increase their mains supply, which could of cost thousands!

Ask us now for a no obligation (no pressure) quotation and electrical energy consumption assessment , to see where you can also SAVE money – why give it away to energy companies?