Security / Fire


We can install standard mains/battery smoke detectors to BS 5839-6:2004, either hard wired, or for difficult situations (just decorated or listed buildings for example) we can offer wireless linked systems which fully comply with British Standards.

For HMO’s, (House of Multiple Occupation)Shops, Offices, Warehouses and Comercial Properties  we can install, maintain, upgrade conventional systems, these can be standard two circuit systems (sounder and detection) or the now more popular TWO WIRE systems, this saves time on installation and expensive cable. Many of the two wire systems have advanced diagnostic systems to make servicing, fault finding and time saving much easier. Although we are not BAFE SP203 registered yet, we can certificate all of our fire alarm systems though NAPIT, abide by the LACORS guide (for HMO’s) and have efficacy insurance for both intruder and fire alarm systems.

Intruder Alarms

Wireless intruder alarm systems are now very reliable and sophisticated, gone are the early days of wireless systems that went off every time a taxi or police car went past! Modern systems are sleek, easy to use, have battery lives exceeding three years for door contacts and PIR’s. The systems can dial your mobile phone, some can even text you! They can alert you to fire, intruder, flood and personal attack or any other emergency situation you may have at home. The system can be used to monitor elderly people who maybe on their own, like larger warden systems installed in warden controlled apartments, you can speak to the person in distress by speaking to them thought the control panel.


We can install budget systems (plug and play) and Professional CCTV products.


Need better recognition from your CCTV installation, without spending a fortune on rewiring your shop/home/office/warehouse?

We can upgrade your CCTV to HD quality, which gives you 32 times more definition than that of standard CCTV cameras. This will enable much better identification of faces and number plates on vehicles, which can be seen up to 20 mtrs. away (standard definition camera would struggle at 5 mtrs.) This can all be achieved using your existing coax installation, the recorder and possibly the monitor would also have to be updated, however the real bonus is that you can keep your existing cameras in the less sensitive areas, until such time that you want to upgrade them.

The recorders we use are hybrid systems which can utilise both technologies at once.

Call us today for a free, no obligation (no pressure) quote to upgrade your system to something much more useful and valuable as a part of your security system – not to forget  – most systems now come with easy set up apps and software for remote viewing and control over your android or ios (Apple™) devices.